Not So Grrreat: Tiger Chases Man on Motorcycle, Refuses to Get Off Phone

Going to a wild animal park sounds like a good time. You get to see animals you never get to be close to, all from the comfort of your vehicle. But if you’re riding a motorcycle through a place known to have a tiger or two, you’re asking for it.

Footage caught the moment two men riding a motorcycle nearly got taken down by a tiger that wanted to make them its next meal. While riding through Nagarhole National Park in Southern India, a Bengal tiger chased down the men, coming within feet of us having to warn you about graphic footage.

The area where the footage was taken is inhabited by a variety of animals, including over 70 tigers. If you’re going to go through there, you either need to have a guide with you at all times or not exit your car — which, isn’t this obvious?

Luckily for these guys, they didn’t get caught because the dude controlling the bike put it into high gear and the tiger couldn’t keep up. We don’t know if they had a guide with them, but they sure as hell are reconsidering going through there again. Maybe next time drive a Hummer?

Photo: Frank Lukasseck (Getty Images)

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