NASA’s Mars Rover Concept Looks Like The Batmobile

Photo: rune hellestad/Corbis (Getty).

Space, the final frontier. Or something like that.

As scientists push for ways for man to travel deeper into the depths of the universe, some of them are staying on top of their pop culture addictions and imagining astronauts as real-life superheroes. Spacesuits are supersuits, apparently.

This isn’t any more apparent than in the concept designed for a rover aimed at use for an upcoming mission to Mars.

NASA’s Mars Rover Concept Looks Like The Batmobile

When NASA goes to the red planet in what they hope is the year 2033, they’ll whip around in a vehicle that looks damn near like the Batmobile from Batman Begins.

This 6,000-pound beast of a machine is made for travel on other worlds, but the design makes it look like Bruce Wayne would buy of fleet of them. It apparently goes as fast as 70 miles per hour, which isn’t exactly as quick as Batman’s ride, but whatever because it comes in black.

Shanon and Mark Parker designed the thing. They’re known around Hollywood for being the brothers behind the motorcycle designs in the movie Tron. Shanon explained that some of the pieces on the rover are just meant to make it look cool — mission accomplished.

The mission to Mars is still 16 years away, but people can check out the Martian Batmobile at the Kennedy Space Center until July 4. After that, it’s going to do a tour around the East Coast. My West Coast self envies you all for this, but then I remember the Southern California weather I enjoy on a daily basis and feel a lot better about the whole thing. Enjoy your Batmobile, nerds.

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