Parents Outraged at Preschooler’s Anti-Biden Chant, They Don’t Make Nursery Rhymes Like They Used To

Turns out, posting a cute video of preschoolers learning a new song isn’t as crowd-pleasing as it sounds. Especially when the song turns out to be a piece of anti-Biden propaganda parents didn’t sign up for. (Oh, school.)

But boy, nursery rhymes sure have changed. While they’ve always hit upon some pretty heavy topics (like the bubonic plague and old men dying in bed), at least the classics had some subtlety. The same can’t be said for Turning Point Christian School’s latest ditty which ditched the homespun charm of Mother Goose for a more on-the-nose approach.

In since-deleted cell phone footage, a California preschool teacher can be heard calling out President Biden then shouting, “What do we want to do with him?” before a group of 4-and 5-year-olds respond, “We want him out!” And just like Nickelback fans who don’t yet know what good music is, the little buggers are genuinely stoked about their new tune.

One person who was not stoked, however, was mom Christina McFadden. Thanks to the snippet being shared by the proud teacher who authored the anti-Biden chant, McFadden had the pleasure of seeing her daughter star in a low-budget propaganda film. And her reaction can only be described as a swirling blend of shock and fear.

“This video was planned, practiced, recorded and the teacher was so comfortable with it she sent it to 14 sets of parents,” McFadden wrote in a Facebook post. “She was so proud of this content what else did she teach my child this year?”

Guess now is a bad time to tell her about the toddler tank driving lessons?

Check out the chant below and decide for yourself: Instant classic or dollar bin reject? (Just keep in mind, Nickelback is looking for any excuse to make a comeback.)

Cover Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc (Getty Images)