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Expectations v. Reality: The ‘Euphoria’ High School Experience v. My High School Experience

Fans of Euphoria will tell you that it’s the most triggering show on television depicting the Gen Z high school experience. It’s also the most unrealistic. Obviously, this isn’t because the storyline is unbelievable, because it is if these kids were actually 25 and living on their own. The reality is, most parents aren’t cool enough to let their kids dress like video vixens from ’90s rap videos or let their kids have a casual cocktail with them (we’re looking at you, Marsha and Cal).

However, as we’ve come to realize these characters are flawed extreme versions of the people we knew in high school. Nerdy, quiet, theater chicks, unsuspecting junkies, and big titted girls who fuck their BFFs (ex)boyfriends, we’re looking at you. The next-levelness of the Euphoria high school experience lends itself to the obsession. Are teen girls really like this? Sure, a few, but speaking from experience, not the vast majority. Because the kids of Euphoria exist in a world where reality is on steroids and today I am your sherpa between their world and ours.

Cover Photo: Courtesy Of HBO