Watch Little Girl Hilariously Flip Off Her Teacher When She Gives Her Homework

It’s a universal truth that homework sucks. Those mind-numbingly boring yet required scholastic tasks haunt us much of our childhoods, teenage years, and even into adulthood if we’re fortunate enough to go to college.

While we were in school, our reaction to homework was generally limited to a scowl, a scoff, an eyeroll, or a low-level grumbling all the way from the school bus to the kitchen table. Then the procrastination would begin. We’d delay sitting down with pencil and paper (hey, we’re old-school – and old) for as long as possible. Then the drudgery would begin.

But one clever girl has gone viral on the internet for being unabashedly honest about her feelings about homework. And a video of her expressing her displeasure for the mandatory busywork has gone viral in a hilarious video.

In the short clip, a red car, driven by the dad, is seen pulling up to a drive-thru homework pickup site. A teacher dressed in what appear to be a denim jacket and a floral skirt approaches the passenger side of the car, where a mom holds a little girl on her lap, apparently oblivious to car seat laws. The teacher hands off a package of what is presumably homework. The little girl accepts the package. All seems normal.

Then the dad waves goodbye, the teacher claps her hands, and the little girl…gives the teacher the finger?!


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“Homework is the worst,” account @beigecardigan captioned the video, which may or may not be doctored. (That finger looks a little fake, if we’re being honest.)

Apparently, the parents of the little girl were so surprised and/or amused and/or proud of this unsavory gesture that they shared the video of it online, where it was picked up by @beigecardigan.

Instagram followers cheered this little rebel on from the comments section.

“Kids are ruthless,” one wrote.

“Aahhhhhhhahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahhahahah LMFAO oh God lmao Aaaahhhhh you are the queen child,” another eloquent commenter wrote.

“Good for her,” another opined.

They do say fortune favors the bold…but if you know what’s good for you, little girl, you’ll do your homework.

Cover Photo: Instagram