Meanwhile in Manhattan: High-Society Brawl Breaks Out, Burberry v. Supreme Is New Bloods v. Crips For Rich People

Not only do people still shop for clothes at stores, they actually line up to do so. (Sign of insanity, surely.) We don’t know who these nutjobs are, but we will definitely never be among them. And yet, fashionistas swarmed a Manhattan store recently just to drop some dough on a clothing collaboration between Burberry and Supreme.

The clotheshorses were camped outside the Dover Street Market at 30th Street and Lexington Avenue early Thursday morning to get a piece of the British fashion brand and New York street-wear label collab. The line included everything from a $998 leather collar trenchcoat and a $598 down puffer jacket to $198 jeans and $168 jean shorts. (Dear Lord, those are still a thing?!)

Apparently, these duds were so hot that tempers flared – and of course it was all caught on video.

“I’m still standing right here,” one man grunted at another in line in one vid. Another clip captured several dudes bumping up brutishly against a door. And this one shows a beat-down against a Fed-Ex truck.

“Supreme knew exactly what it was doing when they made this Burberry collaboration [first come first serve] in its stores,” one Twitter user captioned a clip. “No better way to make the headlines.”

No injuries were reported despite all the fisticuffs.

You’d assume behavior like this would be relegated to Karens but guess what? Nope! This was a (seemingly) all-male melee!

Guys, calm down. It’s just clothing. And it’s totally worthless if it has bloodstains on it.

Cover Photo: Twitter



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