Bombshell Ukrainian Girl Goes Viral With Bomb Shelter Life, Proving You May Escape Putin But Never Influencers

You can escape Putin, but you can’t escape influencers. That’s the lesson we’ve learned from a young woman who has gone viral on TikTok for her clever bomb shelter video.

The Ukrainian cutie is currently living in an underground bunker in the war-ravaged city of Chernihiv. In an entertaining video that has 26 million views, she shares a typical day amidst the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia with her 436,000-plus followers.

@valerisssh Living my best life Thanks Russia! #ukraine #stopwar #russiastop ♬ Che La Luna – Louis Prima

“Dad says, ‘Good morning, fat pig,’” the text reads over footage of her father at the beginning of the video. She’s then shown in pajamas with wet locks, using a heat gun as a hairdryer. A mangy-looking mutt appears along with the text, “My dog can’t understand why we live underground.” The TikToker’s mother is seen stirring something in a bowl as the young woman stands by, munching. She then goes back to her real home to retrieve a bag of belongings. Footage of a bombed-out building follows with the text, “Check out what Putin do with my city.” It concludes with a shot of her father behind his desk, back in the bunker.

“Living my best life. Thanks Russia!” the TikToker captioned the ironic vid, which is set to the lively tune “Che Cha Luna” by Louis Prima.

While some question the way this new influencer is using disastrous world events to build her following, others find her techniques admirable.

“You amaze the world with your resilience,” one commented. “Love from America.”

Cover Photo: TikTok



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