Meanwhile in North Carolina: Woman Battling Battling For ‘FART’ License Plate Finds Clever Loophole in the System

Photo: YouTube

Everyday, we have battles worth fighting for. Are we going to let someone steal a parking spot we’ve been waiting twenty minutes for? Are we going to win a battle of wills against our co-worker who thinks they can covertly eat our cold pizza in the employee refrigerator? But some battles are more important than others. We’re talking, of course, about a woman in North Carolina we should all consider a hero due to her current battle. A battle with the state DMV to keep her ‘FART’ vanity license plate.

In a sea of terrible, annoying vanity plates, ‘FART’ is an oasis of awesome. That’s why we are rooting for Karly Sindy of Asheville, North Carolina in her epic battle with the state DMV.

The story began when Sindy applied for a vanity license plate for her pickup truck with the phrase ‘FART’ back in October was actually approved. She got the plates and put them on her truck but received a letter from the DMV in February saying that they had received complaints. Why someone would complain about the greatest vanity plate of all time, we don’t know. But the world is full of buzz kills so we’re really not surprised.

In the letter, the DMV said that she could keep her plates is she replied explaining what the plate means to her and why she thinks she should be able to keep it. She then created a Facebook group titled Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails (FART) and then explained that the plate is a reference to the group. While we applaud her creativity, the DMV might have different thoughts as she’s still waiting for a response, but we really hope she gets to keep her flatulent friendly plates.


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