Velveeta Box in Central Park Credit: Velveeta

Meanwhile in New York: 8-Foot Velveeta Box Appears in Central Park, Family Size Cheese Powder to Snort

Talk about a cheesy publicity stunt. An 8-foot gold box of Velveeta recently appeared in Central Park in an attempt to best an art installation.

The tweet is referring to German artist Niclas Castello’s 400-pound gold cube, which was installed at the Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park. Castello’s piece is made of pure 24-karat gold and has an estimated worth of $11.7 million.

Ah, but for cheese lovers (or at least, processed cheese lovers), a huge portion of the “velvety richness and cheesy, melty goodness” just might be worth its weight in gold. It is, after all, 1400 times the size of your average Velveeta box. Talk about living large.

“The brand is all about encouraging people to be confident, unapologetically themselves, and constantly reminds us that you don’t have to live rich to be golden and lead a lavish, pleasure-filled life,” Velveeta said in a statement.

To be fair, both Castello’s cube and Velveeta’s box are pure self-promotion. The former is meant to promote Castello Coin, a new cryptocurrency now for sale. An NFT auction is also forthcoming. We’re surprised Velveeta didn’t jump on those bandwagons, too.

For now, we hope this capitalist eyesore gets removed from Central Park ASAP. (No, it won’t get stolen. It actually has its own security guard.) And here we thought billboards were ugly…

Cover Photo: Velveeta



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