Comedy Central Plans Mega ‘South Park’ Marathon

Twenty years ago this month, Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s crudely animated shorts became South Park, the signature animated series of Comedy Central and one of the longest running television series of all time. While The Simpsons has a very sizable lead, South Park has a full twenty seasons under its belt, with a 21st season slated to premiere in just a few weeks. And Comedy Central isn’t going to pass up a chance to celebrate.

Starting on September 6, Comedy Central will begin an eight day marathon of all twenty seasons of South Park, back-to-back.  The only exceptions will be the nightly airings of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah at its usual time and the usual infomercials. Other than that, all 254 episodes will run in a row, from the very beginning of Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartmen to the sprawling cast of characters that the show has become.

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A few years ago, FXX pulled off a similar marathon by running every episode of The Simpsons in an extended marathon. That stunt actually did a lot to reignite interest in The Simpsons and it became an event on social media. It’s very likely to happen again with the South Park marathon. For old school fans of the series, it should also be interesting to track the quality of the animation over the years, from its stop-motion beginnings to the computer animated programs that can be put together in under a week. The show has come a long way, and we’re glad that South Park has become a TV touchstone.

The 21st season of South Park is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, September 13 at 10:00pm.

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Photo Credit: Comedy Central