Super-Sized Super Bowl Snacks: Hormel Giving Away Chili Cheese Keg Because Why the Hell Not

Photo: Hormel 

Anyone who attended college, has been to a football tailgate, or a rowdy family picnic has had the pleasure of pumping their own beer from a keg sitting snuggly in a bucket filled with ice. Experience keg drinkers know there’s a technique involved that requires you to turn your red Solo cup (the only acceptable vessel) slightly off kilter to guarantee you don’t get a foamy head. A keg is a thing of beauty and the perfect way to enjoy a frosty brew. It makes us wonder why other liquid drinks or food aren’t utilizing this same technology. Well, thanks to the folks at Hormel, someone finally is.

Hormel, makers of all that canned chili you walk by in your local grocery story, also makes chili cheese. To celebrate the end of yet another NFL season, the well-known brand is giving away a keg (yes, you read that right) of chili cheese to one lucky NFL fan via an online sweepstakes.

Here’s a little background: The keg comes with an internal heating element to guarantee hot, cheesy goodness all day, the tap handle is shaped like a can of Hormel chili, and the pump was designed to create the best possible squirts of gooey, cheesy goodness ever. On top of that, if you somehow manage finish off this keg that has the amount of almost 300 pumps of 4-ounce squirts, it’s refillable.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to your Super Bowl Soiree or the coolest, most talked about item to bring to a party a family member or friend is throwing. Sadly, Hormel is only giving one away. To try to get yours, visit and sign up. Good luck.


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