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Scientists Discover Dolphin Clitoris, That or Name It Flipper Bean (They Still Can’t Locate It on Humans)

Dolphins are known for their big brains, but it’s another part of the porpoises’ anatomy that grabbed scientists’ attention lately. Apparently, the marine animals have a clitoris, and it’s designed to make sex sensational for the female members of the species, just like in humans.

“The dolphin clitoris has many features to suggest that it functions to provide pleasure to females,” said Patricia Brennan, an assistant biology professor at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, who authored a study on the subject, which was published in the journal Current Biology.

“Every time we dissected a vagina, we would see this very large clitoris, and we were curious whether anyone had examined it in detail to see if it worked like a human clitoris,” she continued. “We knew that dolphins have sex not just to reproduce, but also to solidify social bonds, so it seemed likely that the clitoris could be functional.”

To, um, come to these conclusions, Brennan and her team took a deep dive into the bodies of 11 dead bottlenose dolphins found on beaches in the U.S. Among their discoveries were that dolphin vulvas were “similar” to humans’ and that their clitorises were covered in a hood, had plentiful nerves, and measured as large as half a millimeter in diameter.

These findings further support the theory that dolphins don’t just have sex to reproduce but because they enjoy the act. They engage in it all year ‘round, even when they are not in a fertile period, and have been observed teasing one another’s genitals with their flukes, flippers and snouts. (This begs the question: since dolphins can talk, do they also ask, “Was it good for you?” after the fact?)

Perhaps instead of scientists studying these sea creatures, dolphins could teach humans a thing or two about locating the clitoris in humans! Lord knows men need some help in that arena.

Cover Photo: c-foto (Getty Images)



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