Female Body: 10 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know

Photo: Science Photo Library (Getty Images)

Sitting in a bar with your friends, you may brag that you know all about the female body but the truth is you probably haven’t even scratched the surface. A woman’s body is a beautiful intricate mechanism full of secrets and hidden functions, some of which you may never even find out. Fortunately for you, we’ve decided to shed some light on this amazing piece of nature’s machinery and reveal a whole bunch of these well-kept secrets. These are the type of facts that even most women don’t know about their bodies, so get ready to be blown away completely.

1. Different Sizes

We’ll start with something that some guys already know (at least those who managed to see a woman naked at some point in their lives). One of woman’s breasts is always larger than the other one. Sometimes the difference is easy to spot, sometimes not but that’s just how things are. So, yeah, you can have a favorite one.

2. Love for Food

Female body, or precisely, a female brain in some women has trouble discerning sexual pleasure from pleasure they get when they think about food. Although some guys might relate to that, this is quite characteristic for women. You know how your girlfriend sometimes has food cravings? Well, you’re right to be jealous at that burger.

3. Memory

Speaking of female brains, it is said that women have a much better and more reliable memory than men. That is why she always reminds you about anniversaries, birthdays and other special dates that usually slip your mind. Now that you know this, you’ll be a lot more careful with what you say.

4. 15-Second Rule

Here’s a rather weird bit of information. If you want to gain a woman’s trust, you need to hug her longer than 15 seconds. This seems super awkward and weird, but you can’t argue with research, can you? Just make sure you know the girl before you do it, or she might call the police.

5. Birth Control

Couples in long-term relationships often opt for birth control pills because they’re quite effective and have a couple of beneficial side-effects like clear skin. However, it might surprise you to learn that taking these pills might make a woman seem less attractive to her partner because of her infertility. Apparently, we all have this sixth sense.

6. Virginity

Most of us were though that when a hymen is broken in a female body, the girl isn’t a virgin anymore, but that’s actually not true. There are numerous ways that a hymen can get broken without the actual intercourse. Believe it or not, tampons can do it, activities such as horseback riding, or even some forms of masturbation.

7. Clitoris

While most other female body parts have some practical uses, the clitoris only has one – to provide pleasure. It is an entire organ dedicated solely to creating pleasurable sensations. Not only that, but this organ also continually grows during a woman’s life, providing even more pleasure, the older they get.

8. Seniority

Now, when it comes to older women, it is said that they achieve orgasms much easier than younger ones. It probably has something to do with the fact that their clitoris also becomes larger and larger. So, if you like older women, know that they’re somewhat easier to please and can teach you a thing or two in bed.

9. Orgasm

The majority of men might consider this fact quite devastating, but it’s really something that will help them understand the female body better. It is said that up 75 percent of women can only achieve orgasm through stimulation of clitoris. This means that most of the time, focusing just on penetration simply isn’t enough.

10. Pregnancy Craving

For the end, here’s another proof that the female body is essentially just weird. It is said that 30 percent of all women during pregnancy crave for inedible things. The next time you decide to make a baby with your wife, make sure she doesn’t casually start gnawing on the furniture.

What is the weirdest fact about the female body you’ve just read?