Meanwhile at CES: Japanese Engineers Introduce Cat Toy That Sucks On Your Finger (‘Cause That Won’t End Pervertedly)

You can always count on CES to bring out the craziest ideas. This year was no exception – and perhaps the ridiculousness was even exaggerated because of the tech conference’s location: Las Vegas. But what happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas, because we’ve learned of a very bizarre invention that literally nobody asked for but everyone is talking about.

It’s a cat robot called Amagami Ham Ham, and it was created by Yukai Engineering. A cat robot might not sound that weird, but this one most definitely is…because its purpose is to suck your fingers.

Its makers claim that humans have an innate desire to have their digits sucked. According to them, the sensation is a stress-reliever. Thus, this pussy offers 20 unique suction patterns so that every time you finger the feline, you’ll have a novel experience. Some of the patterns even have names, like “tasting, massaging, and sucking.” Umm…

“Most people like the feeling of nibbling, but know they have to teach their children or pets to stop them, or else the children and animals will end up biting them with full force,” said engineering CMO Tsubasa Tominaga.

Finally, a pussy that won’t bite back! This is the invention we’ve all been waiting for!

A crowdfunding campaign is forthcoming this spring, so if getting your jollies involves a four-legged friend and your digits, well…we don’t want to know. Maybe invest in some therapy instead.

Cover Photo: YouTube



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