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Charmin’s Pooptime Pal Robot Is the TP Retriever Pet Voted Most Likely to Record You at Your Worst This Year

We’ve all experienced that moment of cosmic dread while in the bathroom at least once. You grope blindly before turning to find — gasp — there is no more toilet paper. If you’re a social squatter, perhaps you can call a non-squeamish friend or lover for assistance. But what if you’re a secret pooper? If you are, then a humiliating duck walk or nasty stain on your knickers are your only options. That is, until now. At CES 2020, Charmin unveiled the latest advance in toilet tech since the hot sauce enema: the Rollbot.

The Rollbot is a self-balancing automaton with a pretty cute hexagon bear face. It connects to phones and is capable of transporting a single roll of toilet paper at a time. Presumably, that should be enough for one trip, but the design does beg some serious questions. For one, is a private pooper every truly alone with this BB8 knock-off staring from the corner? Is it watching us? We examined this bidet buddy and other weird bathroom tech to let you know what to keep and what to flush.

Photo: TeoLazarev (Getty Images)

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