Just A Couple Of Pole-Dancing Robot Strippers

Screenshot: YouTube

Are cars in the sky yet? No. Can we teleport? Nope. Can my headphones not tangle into a nightmare? Again, no. But you know what we do have? Pole-dancing robot strippers!

That’s right, folks, this year marks the 50th Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and because of that we are seeing plenty of cool, new tech advances. But there’s only one thing that stole the show and that’s the horny robots. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below.

Who else is turned on? Anyone? A hunk of metal isn’t your thing?

These “strippers” were unveiled earlier this week at a Las Vegas strip club. Here’s how CNBC described it:

The robots were as advertised: They gyrated on a stripper pole to music from 50 Cent and Pharrell, with dollar bills scattered on the stage and the floor. 

A half-dozen human dancers, most of whom were dressed in tight, shiny robot costumes, repeatedly took pics in front of their metallic colleagues. (The woman greeting guests as I walked in told me that I missed a skit where the human dancers unveiled the robot dancers to Star Wars music, and then joked about them stealing their jobs.

While robot strippers have been seen before thanks to British artist Giles Walker, you just know that there will be advances made to these creepy things — so much so that actual strippers may be given the boot. Although I haven’t met anyone who prefers being rode by metal instead of an actual woman. But hey, I’m sure they are out there.

What a world we live in.

h/t Maxim

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