Hit and Run: Self-Driving Tesla Runs Over Robot

Photo: Ethan Miller / Staff (Getty Images)

As artificial intelligence becomes smarter, our concern about machines taking over the world becomes more of an all-out global anxiety attack. After all, they’re starting to look more like us so who’s to say they won’t just replace us one day? But then there are moments like this that make us feel better as a human society because robots can be really, really dumb sometimes. Such is the case of this robot that got ran over by a self-driving Tesla in a pure moment of AI lacking the second half of that acronym.

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In a video that will surely make you feel better about one day becoming a slave to robot overlords, an autonomous one was standing near the edge of a road in Las Vegas near the annual Consumer Electronics Show. It then got laid out by the Tesla Model S which also just so happens to be autonomous.

Not only did the Tesla knock the robot over, but it also kept going. Like, hey, have some compassion for your fellow cyborgs, you self-indulged wannabe Autobot.

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Apparently, there was a passenger in the Tesla as it went on a vehicular rampage against its own kind. It’s unclear if they were hurt in the incident, but by the looks of the video, they’ll need a hell of a slick lawyer to convince a judge their neck and back are messed up.

This is a pretty clear indicator that robots and other forms of AI are still far behind us humans as the dominant civilization on Earth. We just hope they’re not playing dumb, making us think we’re so much smart when they’re actually looking to catch us when we least expect it. If that’s the case, we’re hoping they have a need for humans who make memes.