Tesla Adds Atari Video Games To Its Cars

Photo: Getty Images

American auto maker Tesla prides itself on futuristic innovation, so the last thing you’d expect from Elon Musk and company would be a step back in time. Yet, that’s exactly what Tesla has decided to do, after the car manufacturer announced a deal that would make Atari video games playable on Tesla’s futuristic dash-mounted touchscreens.

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Musk took to Twitter where he not only teased the release, but also apologized to investors for a recent poor earnings report.

The sometimes erratic and over-the-top CEO also suggested those with video game programming skills could be of use to Tesla in the future, urging them to apply for a newly created position within the company, with the hope of eventually adding more content in the future.

Included in Tesla’s version 9.0 update will be some of Atari’s most popular games, though Musk did not confirm which of those games will make the initial cut. He did, however say he “hoped” Pole Position, Missile Command and Tempest would be among the first playable games on Tesla’s dash-mounted touchscreens. Pole Position, a Formula One racer originally released in arcades in 1982 before being ported to Atari home consoles, could even be controlled using the vehicle’s steering wheel, though only when the car is placed in park thankfully.

In addition to adding Atari games, the 9.0 update also brings with it an updated Autopilot mode which could allow for Level 3 autonomous driving, which would allow drivers to take their hands off the wheel during particular driving conditions.

Musk plans to roll out the Atari-based update by the end of August.