TikToker to the Rescue: Young Man Helped Save Stranger From a Creeper by Pretending to Know Her

An unfortunate side effect of being female is that men constantly accost you in public places. Most women can finagle their way out of these uncomfortable interactions safely (unfortunately, life gives them a lot of practice in the art of ditching dudes). But sometimes, it takes the assistance of another person to break free of a creeper’s gratuitous attention. One TikToker heeded the call of duty and, in the most clever and chivalrous way possible, helped a woman he’d never met escape a weirdo – by pretending he knew her.

His name is Brandon Robert, his handle is @thebrandonrobert and he noticed a woman in a mall recently who was being harassed by a man who “appeared to be intoxicated or on drugs,” he told Buzzfeed. “You could tell just by her face she was quite frightened,” he said of the woman, who seemed to be around 19 years old.

He decided to intervene – and film it all for TikTok so other guys could learn what to do in these all-too-common situations.

@thebrandonrobertShe was so thankful♬ original sound – Brandon Robert

“There is this weird man making this girl uncomfortable in the store,” the video begins. “I’m going to pretend I know her.”

Robert approached the woman and feigns knowing her. “Oh my god, hi!” he says. “How are you?” She acts pleased to see him, too, though they’ve never met. By way of excuse, Robert says his aunt is there and the woman, without missing a beat, says, “Aunt Claire?”

“She knew I had been watching and listening to what the man was saying to her and realized I was trying to get her out of the situation,” Robert told Buzzfeed. “She went along with me ‘knowing’ her immediately.”

As Robert escorted her away, she told him that the weirdo “asked me if I wanted to go back to his place and stuff. He’s so creepy.”

He asked if she was OK and she said, “Yeah, I’m good. Thank you for helping me.”

The TikTok video of the experience went viral, with over 37.5 million views. Commenters praised Robert for stepping in – and encouraged more men to do the same if they see a woman stuck in an encounter like this.

Keep an eye out the next time you’re in public, fellas. You never know when the moment will arise for you to be someone’s knight in shining armor. And make sure you’re never, ever, the kind of guy she has to run away from.

Cover Photo: @thebrandonrobert (TikTok)

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