Cleveland Man Raises $10K to Tap Dance on MAGA Neighbor’s Ceiling, Donating Proceeds to ACLU

There are many ways to fight racism, but it never occurred to us that tap dancing could be one of them – until now. Jett Croisant, a 45-year-old Cleveland resident, has the misfortune of living above Donald Trump supporters so fervent that the MAGA maniacs put up banners supporting the Bigot in Chief while the rest of the world was rallying behind Black Lives Matter.

In response, Croisant posted a sign of his own: “Venmo @Jet513 and I will tapdance at midnight.” He did it mostly to be funny and didn’t expect to make more than a few dollars, so imagine his surprise when he raised over $10,000! He has Amy Ziemak, a woman who lives across the street, to thank for spreading the word on Twitter with a photo of the sign, which later went viral.

Croisant hasn’t done the dance quite yet, as he’s hoping to raise more money, which he has pledged to donate to the ACLU. He’s also waiting on a pair of tap shoes promised him by a woman who learned of his efforts. Then he’ll dance his little heart out (hopefully annoying the fuck out of his neighbors in the process), film it, and close the Venmo.

“I’m a little taken aback by the whole thing,” Croisant told BuzzFeed News, but added that he loves “that people are having fun with it.”

Cover Photo: 4 x 6 (Getty Images)

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