Synthetic Pot In Illinois Is Reportedly Making People Bleed From Their Eyes And Ears

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Well then. I’ll just have a Bud Light instead. Thanks.

According to Gizmodo, Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) says that at least 22 people have “developed severe bleeding soon after taking synthetic pot products” since March 7.

Think about that, I mean, if that is indeed the case, about one person a day in Illinois who has used a synthetic pot product since March 7 has reported bleeding from their eyes, ears, nose and gums. And if that isn’t scaring the shit out of you, then the fact that they are also vomiting up and pissing blood, experiencing large, unexplainable bruises and having extremely heavy menstrual bleeding probably will.

Sadly, IDPH officials can’t tie the recent bleeding outbreaks to one specific product, but the majority of people being treated have told them they bought their synthetic weed from “dealers, stores and friends around the Chicago area.”

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If you’re asking yourself what people are putting in their products to cause their customers to experience such a living hell, well, this should do the trick.


Manufacturers of these products either spray chemicals believed to mimic the high of conventional marijuana onto smokable herbs or sell the mixtures in a liquid form that can be vaped. The products, packaged as Spice, K2, or a hundred other names, contain an unregulated and ever-changing cocktail of chemicals that can lead to widely different experiences for users.

So there you have it, gang. If you want the herb, just go to Colorado or California and get your hands on the real, good shit.