Drug Dealers Arrested After Hiding Batch Of Drugs Inside Fake Nintendo Cartridges

Photo: TENGKU BAHAR/AFP/Getty Images

There are drug dealers out there that sure do get creative when it comes to hiding and dealing their drugs. Do you remember that cocaine-pineapple ring? Or how about the bartender who decided to hide some cocaine in the drink menus? But have you ever heard of drug dealers hiding a variety of drugs inside fake Nintendo cartridges? Now you have.

According to Kotaku, four people in the Netherlands were arrested recently after a police raid led to quite the discovery. That discovery? A bunch of 3D printers were being used to create fake Nintendo cartridges, and those cartridges were home to a variety of drugs like cocaine, LSD and good old MDMA.

The four people, three men and one woman were part of those four arrested. The guys were arrested at a home in Amsterdam, and the woman was found in a large shed. That shed was home to a bunch of 3D printers making those fake Nintendo cartridges. The bad news? At the moment we don’t know which system the cartridges were supposed to be imitating.

If that foursome hadn’t been busted those drugs would have made their way to New Zealand, Australia and even Singapore. So, sorry, guy in Australia waiting for his “Nintendo package.” Your package may not make it after all, mate.