Facebook Photos Prove Couple Lied About Being Sick On Trip To Claim Compensation

Photo: Squaredpixels (Getty)

Here is something that Leon Roberts and Jade Muzoka probably haven’t figured out yet: when you post something on the internet everyone will end up seeing it. Everyone. And of course they found that out the hard way.

While on holiday in Turkey, the couple claimed they became sick and were bedridden with vomiting and diarrhea. And because of this they actually sued the hotel and tour operations TUI. But there’s one problem: they were never sick and were lying simply to get money. And this was only uncovered when the couple decided to post Facebook photos of them drinking, eating and having a grand old time.

Photo: Facebook/Jade Muzoka

TUI says that if the couple’s claim would have been successful it would have cost the company $69,000. But since Muzoka and Roberts were caught in a lie they now face a prison term instead. Oh, and guess what? Not only have the couple split up already, but they have admitted fraud by false representation.

Photo: Facebook/Leon Roberts


TUI launched an investigation in conjunction with the resort but could find nothing to support the allegations. Both Roberts’ and Muzoka’s solicitors questioned the figure claiming the claim against Tui was never pursued. Nicola Hunter, for Muzoka, said the young mother, who works part-time, had become involved in the scam after speaking with a colleague. She admitted it was an ‘exaggerated claim’. She had mentioned that she had felt ill while on holiday and the friend advised her she could make a claim.

Adjourning the case District Judge Taffe said it appeared the matter had ‘crossed’ the custody threshold and he would be considering a jail sentence. He added: “That is in the forefront of my mind, it would be flying in the face of common sense to think this is an isolated incident. It is a very real problems for the holiday companies. The costs are inevitably passed on to genuine people, while others who do suffer illness on their holidays have their claims met with skepticism. This offense is outside the (sentencing) guidelines because it encourages a tsunami of false claims. All options are open at this stage and this is a serious case and it may be that a custodial sentence will follow to show the importance of your wrongdoing.”

Photo: Facebook/Jade Muzoka

Well I hope it was worth it because not only did this couple end up with no money, but they split up, are all over the news and may now end up behind bars. What a vacation!

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