Doughnut Eating Champ Arrested After Breaking Into…Doughnut Shop

Photo: pjohnson1 (Getty)

Back in 2014, 27-year-old Bradley Hardison made national news after he won a police-sponsored doughnut-eating contest, then was arrested days later in connection with a series of break-ins in a neighboring county. Hardison was then convicted and sentenced. But guess what? Hardison is at it again.

Hardison was arrested again recently after breaking into a safe at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Elizabeth City and taking an undisclosed amount of cash. Surprisingly, the doughnut-loving dude didn’t take any doughnuts. Then again, I understand since Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t very good. I’ll side with Krispy Kreme this time around.

Doughnut Eating Champ Arrested After Breaking Into…Doughnut Shop


Hardison is now facing a series of felony charges, including breaking and entering, larceny, safecracking and probation violations.

You’d think that a man with so many eating talents would try to get on the right path and become the next Guy Fieri or Joey Chestnut. But no, Hardison has gone down the crime road. Well, there’s still time to get him his own show on Food Network. Hell, I might even watch a show about a criminal who breaks into food establishments.

h/t Huffington Post

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