Cops Bust A Massive Cocaine Pineapple-Ring

Photo: amnad (Getty)

That’s right, pineapples.

Are you a fan of pineapples? Are you a fan of pineapples with cocaine in it? What? You’ve never had that? Get with the times, man. According RTE News, Spanish and Portuguese police recently discovered a huge shipment of cocaine hidden inside fake pineapples during a raid on shipping containers. In the video below you can actually see police skin one of the fake pineapples, revealing a layer of yellow wax and right beneath that was all the cocaine.

Take a look at the video below:

Cops Bust A Massive Cocaine Pineapple-Ring

Police were able to seize 745kg of cocaine in the fake pineapples along with almost half a million dollars in cash. The lab where the drug was cut was also discovered and taken down by police.

“This organized international group had repeatedly brought large quantities of cocaine to the European continent,” Portuguese investigators said.

Nine gang members alleged to have transported the drugs from Latin America were arrested.

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