Sebastian the cat ends his long weekend in his favorite lingerie suitcase.

Florida Couple Busted Storing Cat In Checked Luggage

Photo: Laura Findlay (Getty)

You should all know by now that there are plenty of idiots out there, and most of them are in Florida. And now this story focuses on two idiots from Florida, who decided to store their six-month old cat inside a piece of checked luggage at a Pennsylvania airport.

21-year-olds Olivia Sari and Nicolas Larrison, visited Pennsylvania over the holidays and were ready to return to their Tampa home. So Sari and Larrison, flying out from Erie International Airport, checked a suitcase that triggered an alert from the airport’s baggage inspection system. Once the bag was opened and searched by Transportation Security Administration agents, the poor kitten was found.

The female cat, named “Slim,” was packed alongside clothes and according to court citations had no “food, water or air.” Slim was quickly turned over to the Humane Society upon its discovery by TSA workers.

Sari and Larrison were each cited for transporting animals in a cruel manner. And here’s hoping these airheads will never be able to own another animal again.

h/t The Smoking Gun

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