Amazon Has Removed Infant Circumcision Training Kits From Their UK Site

Photo: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Man, you can buy anything on Amazon these days. I mean, whether you’re looking for a “Fuck It” T-shirt with a stick figure humping the word “it” or a 55-gallon drum of lube, Amazon is the site for you, my friends.

Well, unless you’re only looking for Life/form Circumcision Trainer kits in the UK. Those are unfortunately no longer available due to…wait for it…child safety concerns. Duh, you think?

According to The Independent, it took the National Secular Society two tries, but they finally got their way and saw Amazon remove the infant circumcision kits from their UK site this week, but there’s good news for those of us in the States who might be looking for a last-second Hannukah gift for the favorite mohel in our lives.

That’s right, kids. If you’ve got $196, the Life/form® Infant Circumcision Trainer can still be yours, complete with surgical scissors, scalpels, a practice dummy with prosthetic foreskin replacements, instructions and free shipping. Hell, there’s even a five-year warranty that comes with it. You know, just in case you snip off a little more than you’re supposed to. 

Screenshot: Amazon

No word on whether or not Amazon is getting any pressure from American groups to remove the item from their site, but let’s hope that somewhere in the kit, it tells kids that trying this on your little brother if you run out of foreskins is highly frowned upon.

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