Spotify Has Removed ‘Infant Annihilator’ From Its Site But ‘Dying Fetus’ Fans Can Rest Easy

Photo: Facebook/Infant Annihilator

You’d be hard-pressed to find an Applebee’s rolling with a playlist filled with songs by Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Anal Cunt and Cattle Decapitation while you and your partner are enjoying a delicious “2 for $20” meal, but fans of those bands can find solace in the fact that they can just jump on Spotify once they get back home to their dungeons and listen away.

Well, according to Metal Injection, that will no longer be the case for fans of Infant Annihilator, as the gang at Spotify has removed their entire catalog “due to either being deemed offensive or receiving complaints from customers.”

Image: Facebook/Infant Annihilator

Image: Facebook/Infant Annihilator

“According to an email from Tunecore, Spotify has removed Infant Annihilator’s music from its platform due to either being deemed offensive or receiving complaints from customers. Tunecore is a service that helps independent bands get listed on services like Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music. In the letter, they noted that Spotify is within their rights to do so, and as a precaution, the service has removed all of their music from iTunes as well.”

Well, that’s a shame. It looks as though if you’re a fan of some of Infant Annihilator’s hits such as “Soil the Stillborn” or “Motherless Miscarriage,” you’ll just have to shop elsewhere. But the good news is that if you buy their CDs or vinyls directly from them, you’ll be putting more money in their pockets and helping them stay afloat to eventually write more award-winning tunes.


Looks like Infant Annihilator somehow got Spotify to agree to put their music back up:

So now all you fans can hear more of their groundbreaking lyrics.

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