A Police Department Made A ‘Wet Bandits’ Joke And People Got Pissed Because America

Photo: 20th Century Fox

You can’t even make jokes involving a move that was rated “PG” anymore without getting blasted by people online who are apparently more sensitive than my mushroom tip.

According to American News, police in Randolph, Massachusetts decided to have some fun on their Facebook page recently by posting a picture of Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern (Harry and Marv) from Home Alone and reminding people not to let them in. Unfortunately, we can’t show you that post because they deleted it after so many assholes in and around Randolph let it be known that it left them completely butthurt.

“The Randolph Police Department asks that you do not let them in and to contact us immediately should you see them in the area,” the department wrote.

Harmless. Absolutely harmless.

But that’s not how the softies of Randolph saw it. Here are just some of the comments that led to the department removing the post:

“It’s funny unless you’re from Braintree and your elderly father was a victim of this exact scam while you were at work and the only thing that scared them off was your hulking 18 year old son coming down stairs….” wrote Kurt Schatzl.

“I dont find this funny at all…Im actually very surprised..Not everyone would get the joke that it is from a movie,” wrote Ruth Michaelson. “This frightened elderly citizens in the town.”

Let’s be honest, people. If you thought that joke was offensive or wrong, then it’s time to remove yourself from social media and pretty much just stay inside behind your locked doors and pulled shades. Good lord.

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