Remember When An Iowa Man Was Arrested For Assaulting His Wife With A McChicken Sandwich?

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

We are living in some sad times when sex toys and fast food sandwiches are being called weapons.

According to KWWI, a 21-year-old Des Moines man was arrested after police said that he assaulted his wife with what some people would consider to be a rather “tasty” weapon.

That’s right, kids. Police arrested Marvin Hill for throwing a McDonald’s McChicken sandwich at his wife and hitting her in the face with it. And that ladies and gentlemen qualifies as domestic abuse assault.


Hill initially told police that his wife was the one who assaulted him after waking him up at 1 p.m. and holding that McChicken sandwich in his face. But he quickly changed his story and “acknowledged that he became upset and threw the sandwich at his wife because he doesn’t like them.”

When police arrived on the scene of the “assault,” Hill’s wife had “mayonnaise on her shirt and face.” She also told them that Hill smashed the bun in her face like a real asshole. Of course, if he would have hit her in the face with a dick sandwich instead of a delicious McDonald’s McChicken sandwich, that wouldn’t have been mayonnaise on her face.

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