California Woman Gives Birth To Baby Inside Car After Her Husband Crashes On The Way To Hospital

Photo: Universal Pictures

I can only imagine that a car ride to the hospital with your wife screaming from labor pains is one of the most intense situations a husband and future father is going to find himself in, and my guess is that intensity gets multiplied by a thousand when that ride comes to an abrupt halt because you slammed your vehicle into several concrete barriers.

According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, that’s the hell one family found themselves in early Monday morning after Hongwei Zhang’s put his shitty driving ability on center stage. Police said Zhang took a wide turn after exiting Interstate 5 and pretty much totaled his car after colliding with the concrete barriers.

With both airbags deployed and his wife about to give birth to a baby girl, Zhang ran across all lanes of traffic on Genesee Avenue in hopes of flagging down somebody who could help them out. In the coincidence of a lifetime, the first woman who stopped to help was a nurse from nearby Scripps Memorial Hospital who was heading home from her shift shortly before 3 a.m.

“He was saying, ‘My wife, my wife!’ The next thing he said was, ‘The baby came!'” Dayna Dumont said. “I quickly jumped out of my car. I took a peek and there was a baby. (The mother) was in the (seat) with the baby between her legs and in her pants.”

Zhang and his wife released a statement thanking everybody from the hospital staff to the complete strangers who stopped to help them out. No word if he’ll just call an Uber the next time around.

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