Woman ‘Gives Birth’ To Rubber Glove After Surgeon Left Them Inside During Hysterectomy

Photo: Caiaimage/Martin Barraud (Getty)

I thank God every day I’m not a woman. Not because I think being a man is better. I simply empathize. I understand that being a woman is not easy. Among the list of things I never have to go through is birth. Although nature’s miracle, the labor process is nothing to make fun of. I don’t care how much you love kittens. 

Now that we have that out of the way, how about being a woman who’s had to suffer through not just a hysterectomy, but also a ‘labor process’ resulting a latex glove. Such was the case recently for an anonymous french woman according to reports.

The Sun says the 48-year-old woman was operated on last April at a private clinic in Marseille, southern France in an attempt to stop heavy periods. Although doctors told her the operation “had gone well,” she suffered through long bouts of horrific pain, sleeplessness and illness. She also had trouble urinating. Here’s what she said:

“I had the feeling someone was stabbing me with a knife in the belly but I thought it was linked to the operation. I naturally talked about it with nurses and the surgeon. He told me that I was a lightweight and prescribed painkillers without conducting any extra examinations.”

That’s when things got bad. Real bad.

She spent three days in “agony” from her lower stomach before having extremely strong pains — er, contractions — which led to the birth of a latex glove and five compresses that were left inside her from last spring’s operation. She says she was left “in a pool of blood.”

Pure. Horror.

So what did the surgeon allegedly have to say about the birth? The woman claims he said to contact his insurance company because he’s “very well insured.”

This will be a law suit to follow. And to all women out there, I’m sorry. This ‘surgeon’ we do not claim.

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Josh Helmuth is a sports guy and contributor to Mandatory.