Photo Shoot Of Woman ‘Giving Birth’ To A Kitten Is Freaking Everyone Out

Photo: Okssi68 (Getty)

I know there are some people out there that adore their cats, hell I have one of my own. And I know some people like to dress up their cat and whatnot. But please, for the love of everything that is holy, don’t freak everyone out by pretending to give birth to a kitten like the woman below did.

A Denver-based photographer named Lucy Schultz recently adopted a kitten so she decided to share the news in the most bizarre manner she could think of: a photo shoot of her “giving birth” to it.

Photo: Facebook/Lucy Schultz

Why, God? Why?

 Schultz posted the photo shoot on Facebook on Friday, and the pictures have already been shared over 75,000 times.

Photo: Facebook/Lucy Schultz

People are obviously freaked out, with most calling these photos “distasteful, disturbing and creepy.” Here’s what Schultz had to say to Denver TV Station KUSA:

“So I’ve been thinking of this idea for a while because I’m totally a crazy cat lady who didn’t have any cats, so, I decided as soon as I got a cat, it’s a big milestone for me and sort of like the hallmark of me settling down and starting my menagerie of future cats, and so the first one is pretty special.”

Photo: Facebook/Lucy Schultz

Man, I’m pretty damn disturbed by all of this.

If you want to see all the photos to this bizarre photo shoot you can see them below:

h/t Huffington Post

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