Dude Ties Up And Robs Roommate, Quickly Gets Arrested After He Falls Asleep

Photo: Rob Lewine (Getty)

I’m not out and about committing crimes, but if I ever did decide to go down that route I’m going to assume that falling asleep right after probably isn’t the best move. And yet that’s exactly what one guy in Texas did.

Kanyoni Sedekiya, a 20-year-old in Abilene, decided recently that he was going to rob his roomie. So Sedekiya tied his roomie to his bed with duct tape. And once that was done he proceeded to steal just $80 from him. Oh, he also threatened to shoot him. Done deal, right? Nope. Sedekiya then fell asleep, and that gave his victim time to break free and run to a neighbor’s house to call police.

Photo: Taylor County Jail

Abilene Reporter-News

When officers arrived, they saw Sedekiya through the apartment window, asleep on the couch with a handgun in his lap, according to the affidavit. Officers knocked on the door to try to wake him up. When he awoke, Sedekiya turned out the lights and refused to open the door for police.

The Abilene SWAT team responded to the incident, while officers maintained a perimeter around the apartment until they were able to secure an arrest warrant.

SWAT personnel eventually negotiated with Sedekiya to surrender without further incident.

This idiot was then arrested and charged with aggravated robbery and currently remains in Taylor County Jail.

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