Tennessee Bride Pulls Gun From Beneath Wedding Dress And Fires At New Husband

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Not even one day into their marriage and they are already trying to kill each other.

Let’s all talk about 25-year-old Kate Elizabeth Prichard and her 30-year-old husband James Jarid Burton. We need to talk about this couple because they just had a beautiful wedding filled with cake, music, friends, family and a murder attempt. That’s right. Just hours after they had said their “I dos” Prichard and Burton found themselves in an argument with each other — an argument that got so heated that Prichard actually removed a gun from under her wedding dress, aimed it at her new husband and pulled the trigger.


Thankfully for Burton, the gun was not loaded.

The incident occurred outside the Clarion Inn motel in Murfreesboro, in what I’m assuming was where the couple was staying for the night before they kicked off their honeymoon to celebrate their love. Once Prichard realized the gun was not loaded, she allegedly placed a round into the gun and shot into the air, forcing others to scatter.

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When police arrived the drunk (obviously) and uncooperative couple tried to tell police all was well, but witnesses told them the truth. Prichard was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault.

If you want to hear how much more of a lovely person Prichard is, just know that last month she bragged on Facebook that she got a tattoo stating “Property of J-Rod,” which is Burton’s nickname.

Oh, as for Burton, he was once arrested in 2015 for shooting a member of a rival motorcycle club in the foot.

Just a classy pair. Soulmates if I may add.

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