Here’s An Oregon Man Named ‘Fellony’ Getting Hit With Felony Charges

Photo: carlballou (Getty)

Some people are born to do great things. And then there is Fellony Hudson.

Fellony is a 22-year-old from Salem who not only has a terrible first name, but who is living up to his name by committing crimes left and right. And that is why Mr. Fellony Hudson of course was recently hit with some new felony charges. Incredible.

Fellony was charged with felony eluding, felony kidnapping and felony possession of a stolen vehicle and various other misdemeanors after cops chased him across state lines last week.



According to Vancouver Police spokesperson Kim Kapp, officers received a report around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday of a female being assaulted inside a moving vehicle. The vehicle was traveling northbound on C Street in Vancouver. The driver, later identified as Hudson, ran a red light and continued to drive erratically. Kapp said the vehicle had been reported stolen out of Portland about a week ago.

Patrol units in Vancouver caught up with the vehicle in the area of Fourth Plain Blvd. and Norris Street. Hudson, according to Kapp, refused to stop. The chase spanned several miles and eventually took law enforcement on southbound I-205.

Police said that based on their observations, it appeared that a woman — known to Hudson — was attempting to jump out of the vehicle as it was in motion, but that he was seemingly preventing her.

Eventually, the chase entered Gresham city limits, according to a Gresham police spokesperson. While Gresham officers did not join in on the pursuit, they did assist with setting up spike strips.

I feel like someone dared Fellony’s parents to name him that and now the joke isn’t as funny as they originally thought it would be.

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