T-Mobile Employee Arrested After Stealing Sex Video From Customer’s Phone

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty)

I’m not exactly sure that was the service she was looking for.

A T-Mobile employee who worked at a T-Mobile store in…you guessed it, Florida, has been arrested after he was busted e-mailing himself a sexually explicit video that he found on a female customer’s phone while working on her phone.

It all kicked off, according to police, when the customer brought her phone to the T-Mobile store in Pinellas Park so that someone there could “reboot and reactivate the service on the phone.” Well, the person who handled her phone was Roberto Sanchez Ramos. And Ramos did much more than “reboot” her phone.

The customer eventually “noticed her email had been accessed and her sexually explicit video was sent to” an email that belong to Ramos himself. You idiot.

That idiot above was of course arrested on felony offenses against users of electronic devices charge. The 25-year-old also faces a probation violation charge related to a prior T-Mobile-related felony conviction. And what was that all about? Well last year Ramos pleaded guilty to a scheme to defraud charge related to attempts to artificially inflate his sales commission figures.

So this dude is clearly just an a-hole.

But there’s more. Ramos was also charged with grand theft a few years back. So it seems like this dude probably shouldn’t be hired by anyone. Although United Airlines may take a chance on him.

h/t The Smoking Gun

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