Naked And Drunk Florida Man Arrested For Wielding Machete At Mailboxes

“man with machete is going crazy.” Photo: no_limit_pictures (Getty).

We’ve all been there. In years past — or maybe last weekend — you’ve gotten drunk to a point where the following day consists of those close to you explaining what you did to embarrass yourself the night before. Apart from that, you likely dealt with a hangover that burned with the rage of 1,000 ex-girlfriends.

Yeah, what you did may have been pretty bad. But hopefully you didn’t have your mugshot published for the same reasons as this guy.

Naked And Drunk Florida Man Wields Machete At Mailboxes

A man in Southeast Florida spent the night in jail following a drunken evening that included him wielding a machete at some mailboxes that…I guess said some things he didn’t appreciate? Not only was he ready to chop up the line-stepping mailboxes, but he was swinging freely in more than one way because police say he was naked. It seems being a naked drunk Florida man is the thing to be out there.

drunk florida man machete

Photo: Cape Coral Police Department

Police arrested Yudier Duenas-Sosa, 36, on Saturday night in Cape Coral, Fla. Surprisingly, the intoxicated, sword-swinging exhibitionist didn’t give the cops any trouble as they took him in. His cousin Irene Orozco, however, is a different story, because she was arrested after charging at the cops when they tried to arrest Duenas-Sosa. Shocker, she was drunk, too.

drunk florida man machete

Photo: Cape Coral Police Department

The lesson of the story, kids, is that if you’re going to get drunk, naked, and show how big of a badass you are by using a machete to threaten mailboxes, make sure your cousin is at least sober. Or something like that.

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h/t N.Y. Post

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