Some Parts Of The Bay Area Consider $100,000 Salary ‘Low Income’

“Empty.” Photo: Antonio Martin Sotelo (Getty).

Looks like I’m not moving to San Francisco.

In a world where the American middle class is vanishing by the day and the poverty line inches closer and closer to your front doorstep, the last thing we need is for someone to tell us that what we thought was a high income is really poor as shit.

Well, guess what Uncle Sam has to say.

According to new information from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, living in some parts of the Bay Area in California consider a salary of $100,000 to be “low income.” That’s right, the feds say if you live in that part of the country, your low six figures aren’t cutting it.

Some Parts Of The Bay Area Consider $100,000 Salary ‘Low Income’

An article from the San Francisco CBS affiliate states that if you have a family of four and earn an annual income of $105,350, you’re in the low income bracket in San Francisco or San Mateo County. And just down in the way in Alameda and Contra Costa County, annual earnings of $80,400 land you in the low-income ballpark. So, basically, you gotta be stupid rich to live out in that area comfortably.

Here’s the twist, though. Apparently, this is because we’re doing too good for ourselves, according to some former government suit.

“That’s part of it,” said former director of the state Employment Development Department Michael Bernick when asked if we’re victims of our own success. “And, part of the broader housing dynamic in terms of the desire of people to live here.”

So basically, people want to live in the Bay Area and we’re all doing really well, so shit’s expensive. Sigh. Excuse me while I clip coupons for ramen noodles.

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