In-N-Out Burger Store Managers Make More Than $160,000 A Year

Photo: Ming Yeung / Contributor (Getty)

You read that right, folks. Store managers at In-N-Out burger chains make more money than most of the people reading this. That is unless a surgeon is currently reading this and is a huge fan of Mandatory. Hey, it could happen.

Thanks to The California Sun, who interviewed In-N-Out Burger managers, the average that the fast food chain pays store managers is more than $160,000. So yes, the English degree I have feels even more useless. That salary is actually more than triple the industry average. Hell, an architect only makes about $112,000 in California. Then again, burgers are more important than buildings.

In-N-Out Burger Store Managers Make More Than $160,000 A Year

And believe it or not, according to Glassdoor, In-N-Out Burger ranks ahead of Google in “2018 Best Places to Work.” And there’s more good news from the fast food chain: while California’s minimum wage is $10.50, employees at In-N-Out start out at $13. So yeah, perhaps you’re going to want to fill out an application there.

And now to wrap up this article while I think about my current salary…

h/t ABC Action News

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