California Restaurant Chain Refuses to Sell Vegan Burger Without Dairy

Photo: Instagram/BeyondMeat

Have you ever heard of Luna Grill? Chances are if you aren’t a California resident you haven’t. But folks out in California most likely know it well as it is a fast-casual chain. And they’ve been talked about recently as they’ve introduced the high-tech Beyond Burger. Which is, according to Grub Street, is made with “tons of dairy, just like any other non-vegan sandwich.” Grub Street also reveals that the “extremely trendy” meat alternative debuted this week at 43 Luna Grill locations, and the burger comes with “grilled onions, lettuce, and tomato,  ‘spicy feta” and oh yeah, it’s cooked in a ton of butter.

But there’s one problem: vegans aren’t happy with it. Mainly because Luna’s refuses to make a vegan-version of the burger. A Twitter user, who appropriately goes by @veganpolice, tweeted this:

And since the vegan world got word of this they weren’t happy about it:

And that was enough for Luna Grill to announce this:

And yet vegans still weren’t buying it:

Oh boy, things are getting hostile between Luna’s and vegans. At the moment, Luna Grill offers a vegan option, but true vegans still aren’t happy with it. My solution? Perhaps vegans should avoid Luna Grill and take that time to tell more people that they are vegan.

What do you think of this? Is Luna Grill in the wrong? Or vegans?