You Can Eat Burgers For 100 Days Straight With Smashburger’s Smash Pass

Photo: Alex Edelman (Getty Images)

If it was socially acceptable (and remotely healthy), we would eat burgers every day. Few other foods are as satisfying as a fresh, hot, cheesy burgers with all the fixings. Heck, we’re getting hungry just writing about burgers (what time’s lunch?). If you are okay with the potential clogging of all your arteries and smelling like grilled meat 24 hours per day, Smashburger has the deal for you.

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The well-known burger chain is once again launching its “Smash Pass.” Not be confused with the ill-fated and even more ill-conceived MoviePass, Smashburger’s deal consists of 100 days of burgers (or other entrees) for only $100. That means if you stop by your local Smashburger every day for 100 days, you’ll be saving over $600. Even if you go a few times per week (a much healthier option), you’ll still save a boatload of money.


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The Smash Pass™ is back! Unlock 100 burgers in 100 days for just $100. Try new burgers, Triple Doubles, or just order your favorite burger 100 times. No judgment here. Get the Smash Pass™ at today! #SmashPass #Smashburger #FridayFeeling

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The magically delicious 100 days last from Nov. 5 through Feb. 14 (just in time to treat your love to Valentine’s Day burger). The Smash Pass also provides more than a ton of cheap food. Every time you use your Smash Pass and purchase a fountain drink, you will be entered into a contest to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Vegas for you and a guest.

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To get a Smash Pass, you don’t need to win some kind of lottery. All you need to do is visit the chain’s website and sign up. Pay 100 bones for the Smash Pass and starting Nov. 5, you can embark on the best (or worst?) 100 days of your life.