Drink This Beer And Help Fight Pollution In The Bay Area

Photo: kolderal (Getty Images)

San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Company is one of the most respected and beloved breweries in America. The brewery, which was founded in 1896, makes well-known beers Anchor Steam, Liberty Ale, and everyone’s favorite, Christmas Ale. You can have a nice evening enjoying any of Anchor’s award-winning brews, but if you drink its newest beer you can feel good about also helping to fight pollution in San Francisco Bay.

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Photo: Erin Conger/Anchor Brewing

Launching this month, Baykeeper IPA was made in collaboration with local nonprofit San Francisco Baykeeper, an organization which has strived to help protect the bay area from pollution for the last three decades.

“There’s nothing like a crisp beer to celebrate a good swim, boat ride, or kayaking session,” Brewmaster Scott Ungermann said in a press release. “The San Francisco Bay is intrinsically tied to Anchor, which earned its name because of the historical maritime influence on the city. A temperate climate and cool breeze from the San Francisco Bay have affected the way Anchor has produced beer since 1896.”

This slightly hazy, 7 percent ABV IPA is refreshing and crisp with bright citrus and tropical flavors with a spicy and sweet finish. It also has the subtle hop bitterness IPA fans love from the addition of Mosiac, Cascade, and Amarillo Cryo hops.

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Currently available nationwide, Baykeeper IPA comes in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles. It’s also available on draft at select bars. This weekend, while watching football, grab a sixer of this beer instead of your usual IPA and know that a portion of the proceeds will be used to stop pollution in the bay area. We think that’s pretty cool.