Trucker Hopped Up On Meth, LSD And Cocaine Makes It All The Way From Seattle To Massachusetts Without Sleeping

Photo: carloscastilla (Getty)

East bound and down!

According to the New York Post, a trucker was arrested earlier this week after he made it all the way from Seattle, Washington to Deerfield, Massachusetts without sleeping or stopping to take a rest.

Just how was Gary Robbins able to make the 2,985-mile trip without getting some shut-eye? You guessed it: He got all hopped up on a mixture of LSD, crystal meth and snout candy and then put the pedal to the metal. That should also answer the question as to why police arrested him outside of an I-91 convenience store on Tuesday.

Police said they responded to several reports of a “despondent” trucker who had locked himself out of his ride, and they immediately noticed Robbins “displaying signs of drug use.” Robbins then admitted to police that he had doped himself up something fierce, but when they tried to arrest him and take him to a nearby hospital, he allegedly put up “quite a struggle.”

Robbins was charged with operating under the influence of drugs and several motor vehicle violations, but hey, at least he found out exactly what you need to ingest if you want to turn into the Hulk.

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