Florida Man Caught With Marijuana Jammed Up His Ass

Photo: Kaca_Studio (Getty)

Anybody else think this weed tastes like shit?

According to TC Palm, a 31-year-old Okeechobee man was arrested earlier this month after a trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol pursued him for having “dark side window tint” on his bitchin’ Kia Optima.

But it was neither the window tint nor the fact that he wasn’t wearing a seat belt that eventually landed Genaro Garcia in cuffs. You see, kids, officers seem to forget about that after they witness you throw weed out of your car that lands in the grill of the police cruiser behind you and then notice that you have a bag of pot sticking out of your ass once you finally pull your ride to the side of the road.

Florida Man Caught With Marijuana Jammed Up His Ass

man with weed in butt

Police said the trooper called for backup after he witnessed Garcia throwing what appeared to be marijuana out of the car during the pursuit, and once other officers joined the chase, they saw him throw away another stash of weed. Only after Garcia hit “special tire deflation devices” that had been placed in the road did he finally pull his Optima off to the side.

As one of the officers approached Garcia, he “observed the driver door window come down and the driver moving around as if to conceal something.” It was at that point that he noticed Garcia had a bag of weed sticking out of his ass. Garcia was also allegedly trying to eat some of the pot, but he spit it out upon orders to do so from one of the responding officers.

There was also an open can of Modelo in the center console, but it seems as though police were more concerned with the marijuana protruding from his anus. He was eventually charged with possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana, fleeing and eluding, destroying/tampering with evidence and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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