Ohio Dental Hygienist Arrested For Biting Husband During Sex

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I bet she has some strong, healthy teeth.

Remember the guy who got punched in the face twice by his wife for refusing sex? Or how about the dude who shot his wife in the ass for denying him sex? And to think those people got injured for refusing sex. But what about when you agree to sex and still get injured? Well that’s what happened to one unfortunate bloke.

Jennifer Rahe Hickman, a 42-year-old dental hygienist was on a vacation with her husband in the Florida Keys when they found themselves drinking heavily by the hotel pool. One thing led to another and they took it to the bedroom to get down and dirty. Well out of nowhere Hickman became furious and bit into her husband’s forearm because she claimed her husband was using her. Um…

Dental Hygienist Arrested For Biting Husband During Sex

Police arrived after an employee at the  The Southernmost on The Beach hotel called Hickman’s room only to have her husband answer the phone crying. Man, Hickman made her husband cry. The employee of course called police after that phone call.

Police found Hickman sitting on a chair, still drunk. And Hickman went nuts after she was arrested, yelling “I’m going to fucking kill him,” according to Office Daniel Blanco. Blanco also said Hickman “…continued yelling and screaming the entire ride to the jail.”

Hickman was charged with misdemeanor battery.

Now remember to floss, folks.

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