English Lunch Lady Busted Having Sex With Teen On Kitchen Floor

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So apparently it’s not only teachers hooking up with students at school. You know, there was the Connecticut teacher who had sex with a student and then threatened him with the mafia. And there was also that substitute teacher who decided to show an entire classroom her vagina. But what about when it’s not a teacher? Well, it’s apparently a lunch lady. That’s right.

Meet Terri Spragg, a 35-year-old former lunch lady who was actually caught having sex with a 14-year-old student — on the kitchen floor…after drinking alcohol. Spragg even went as far as to warn the kid not to say a damn word. And for all this Spragg only received a 15-month suspended sentence. But don’t worry, top judges have now given her a harsher punishment, after ruling her original punishment was not sufficient. You think?

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The harsher punishment? A three-year jail term.

According to Spragg, she continued to send the 14-year-old text messages even after the sexual encounter, even admitting she had become jealous after the boy got a girlfriend with someone of his own age. Spragg did try to cover her tracks by deleting any contact between her and the boy on social media, but everything was revealed after a relative discovered messages from the lunch lady on the boy’s phone.

Oh, and Spragg is a mother of four. Yep.

The original punishment was looked at again when lawyers argued the Crown Court judge didn’t take the nature of the offenses seriously enough. Spragg has already started her three-year sentence. And now I assume there’s an open position for a lunch lady.

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