Florida Woman Busted Offering Oral Sex To Undercover Police Officer In Exchange For Two Taco Bell Soft Tacos

Photo: Manfred Segerer/ullstein bild (Getty)

I think it’s safe to say that when you start offering knob jobs in exchange for a few soft tacos, you’ve officially hit rock bottom.

According to KJRH, a 47-year-old Florida woman was arrested in Jacksonville last Thursday after she offered to give a man oral sex in exchange for two soft tacos from Taco Bell.

Unfortunately for Buffy Suzanne Bryan, the man she offered up the BJ to was an undercover police officer involved in a citywide crackdown on the hooker game, and she was promptly arrested for “soliciting sex to an undercover detective in exchange for money.”

Bryan’s arrest marks the ninth time she’s been nabbed for pimping out her body, although you have to believe that at $2.14, the offer of fellatio in exchange for two Taco Bell soft tacos has to be her most embarrassing offer to date. It’s unknown if Bryan was expecting the officer to throw in a free Diet Pepsi if she cradled his junk, although it’s unlikely the negotiation process never made it that far.

Bryan was one of five women who were arrested for hooking during last week’s sting. The other four “ladies” had all been arrested for prostitution at least three times prior to last week’s shakedown. It’s unknown if they were asking for more in return than Bryan did, like perhaps 10 bucks or a McRib sandwich, but you have to think that none of them came in as cheap as two soft tacos.

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