Drunk Dude Crashes Car In Ditch Then Proceeds To Have Sex With Woman In It

Photo: kiko_jimenez (Getty)

A Minnesota man was more than likely in need of some cheering up early Monday morning after he crashed his car into a ditch, and he got that and then some when the woman inside the car with him decided the time was right for some sex.

According to KARE 11, a concerned female citizen noticed Alan Luces Krueger’s car facing the wrong way in a ditch off Otter Lake Road in White Bear Township, so she stopped to see if there were people inside who needed help. That was far from the case, as the woman noticed Krueger and a young lady bumping uglies, and they were so into it that neither of them reacted to her when she knocked on the window.

drunk sex car

The woman returned to her car and called 911. Police officers arrived on the scene a short while later, and they found an intoxicated Krueger in the driver’s seat along with a woman who was “drunk and covered in vomit.” She was too hammered to answer questions, so officers called her brother to come pick her up.

Krueger’s night went just a tad differently, as he failed sobriety tests, couldn’t maintain his balance, refused to take a breath test and “allegedly became belligerent.” He was arrested for DWI, and that’s when the fun really started, as he reportedly “resisted efforts to get him in a squad car, screamed at deputies and threatened to assault a deputy.”

All of that aggression leads us to believe he didn’t, well, finish the job during his romp with the young lady.

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