Man Arrested For Murder After RIP Tattoo Gives Away Previously Unknown Date Of Crime

Photo: Anne Rippy (Getty)

I believe it was comedian Ron White who once said, “You can’t fix stupid,” and that is definitely the case when you have that stupid permanently tattooed somewhere on your body.

Well, according to BBC News, some dude was arrested in Spain last week for the murder of his girlfriend in Germany late last month thanks to a tattoo on his arm that gave away the previously unknown date of the killing.



Police said the woman’s body was found by her mother last week in the German town of Freyung. The initial autopsy revealed she had been dead for roughly three weeks, but authorities didn’t know the exact date of the crime.

That all changed, however, when police in Spain apprehended her boyfriend and discovered a tattoo on his right arm that listed the victim’s name, date of birth and…wait for it…date of the murder to go along with a very touching “Thanks for everything” at the bottom.

Dominik R. had been located in Spain after withdrawing money there, and Spanish police believe the “new tattoo” on his arm they found after apprehending him could be interpreted as the date of his girlfriend’s death. No word if they also said “Thanks for everything” after discovering his ink.

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